Nov 1

Cone Party Decor DIY

Here is the easy decorations we made for the West Elm Party (you can read about it here on Go Mighty.) I got the idea from a garland I saw in Chinatown. This could not be easier, honestly. You probably have everything you need to make these at home right now. All you need is paper, string, scissors and a stapler. The other nice thing about these garlands is they store really easily. You could make them in advance, stack and transport them until you need to install them. Simple! Click through below for the full instructions.

Mini Cone Party Decor | Oh Happy DayMini Cone Party Decor | Oh Happy DayMini Cone Party Decor | Oh Happy Day

Click through for instructions

Materials Needed: Scissors, Stapler (this is my favorite one from Italy), Paper, and String.

Step One: Make a Template with a 7″ circle.
Step Two: Trace the template onto a piece of paper
Step Three: Cut the Paper (to make it go quicker we cut out a few at a time.)
Step Four: Fold it in half and cut.
Step Five: Wrap the paper around the string making sure the hole at the top is small and snug, then staple in place.
Step Six: To make sure the cone doesn’t move around, place a staple on the string (a piece of tape wrapped around the string works too) to hold it in place.
Step Seven: Repeat every few inches until garland is complete.

Mini Cone Party Decor | Oh Happy Day


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