Oct 22

Free Printable Cloud Greetings

by Amy Moss

My obsession with glitter paper continues in my latest printable – Cloud-shaped greeting cards!

Here are some ideas for what you can with these cuties:

  • Brighten up someone’s day with a ‘Rainy Day’ care package
  • Use them as candy bag toppers for party favors.
  • Hang them up as party decorations- perhaps cloud bunting!?
  • Send birthday greetings
  • …or anything else you fancy!

Cloud GreetingsCloud GreetingsCloud GreetingsCloud Greetings

Click through for instructions and download…

Materials; Colour printer, Adobe Reader (free download), Thick glossy photo card stock (I’ve used Canon 275gsm Photo Paper Plus Glossy II), Glitter paper, Pencil, Scissors, Craft glue or Double-sided tape

Step 1: Download the PDF at the bottom of this post and print out onto thick, glossy photo paper. Note: Do not use Mac Preview to view or print the PDF, as colours may come out completely wrong. Use Adobe Reader instead.
Step 2: Using scissors, carefully cut around the cloud cards and the template for your glitter slice.
Step 3: On the back of your glitter paper, place the glitter slice template face down and trace around it with a pencil. Use scissors to cut it out.
Step 4: Use glue or double-sided tape to attach your glitter slice. See my photos for a guide on placement.
Step 5: Fold your card, trimming any over-hanging glitter paper then write your message inside!


Oh, and do you like the raindrop gift wrap shown in these pics? It was designed by the talented Kate from Mini eco. You can download it for free right here


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