Sep 17

Paper Wheel Candy Greetings

 by Amy Moss

In the midst of an ongoing addiction to all things sugary and sweet, I designed these delightfully twee candy-shaped paper wheel greeting cards. A pretty eye-candy substitute while I attempt to kick this oh-so-nasty habit. Besides, who wouldn’t love receiving Candy? Even it’s only made out of paper!

Print out the design, construct your Candy Paper Wheel and write your own personal greeting. The recipient simply has to rotate the top wheel to uncover the hidden message underneath!

Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s day, anniversaries… any sweet occasion.

Paper Wheel Candy GreetingsPaper Wheel Candy GreetingPaper Wheel Candy GreetingPaper Wheel Candy Greeting

Click through for instructions…


Materials; Colour printer, Adobe Reader (free download), Thick glossy photo card stock (I’ve used Canon 275gsm Photo Paper Plus Glossy II), Glitter paper, Ruler, Cutting board, X-acto knife, Pencil, Pen, Scissors, Glue, Mini craft brads (paper fasteners).

Step 1: Download the PDF at the bottom of this post and print out onto thick, glossy photo paper. Note: Do not use Mac Preview to view or print the PDF, as colours may come out completely wrong. Use Adobe Reader instead.
Step 2: Using scissors, carefully cut around the two parts of your candy card and the template for your glitter slices. If you have a circle cutter at your disposal you can use this to cut out the smaller circle (4.5 inches in diameter). If not, scissors will suffice.
Step 3: Using an x-acto knife, very carefully cut out the message window on the smaller circle. (Admittedly, this takes a bit of practice but once you’ve done it a couple of times it actually becomes quite easy!)
Step 4: On the back of your glitter paper, place the glitter slice template face down and trace around it with a pencil. Draw 4 of these. Use scissors to cut them out.
Step 5: Use glue to attach your glitter slices to the smaller circle (the top part of the wheel). See my photos for a guide on placement.
Step 6: Place the smaller circle on top of the larger circle and center it. Using your x-acto knife, create a tiny hole exactly in the centre of both circles and attach them using a mini brad.
Step 7: You should now see that you can rotate the top wheel and the message window will reveal different segments. Write your own message in the allotted spaces.




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