Jul 18

Giant Flower Photobooth Backdrop DIY

Here is a fun little photobooth backdrop we made last week. The materials are super simple. I think these would look awesome as the backdrop to a wedding ceremony! (PS – Another photobooth DIY you might like.)

Giant Flower Photo Backdrop DIY | Oh Happy Day! Giant Flower Photo Backdrop DIY | Oh Happy Day!Giant Flower Photo Backdrop DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions…

Materials: Various Colors of Butcher Paper, Crepe Paper, Floral Wire, Wire Cutters, Scissors, String & Tape (for hanging)

Step 1: Cut 6-8 large petal shapes from each color of butcher paper.
Step 2: To make each stamens for the middle of the flowers, first cut 2 long strips of yellow crepe paper and an equally long piece of floral wire.
Step 3: Take one strip of crepe paper and cut it a quarter of the way down.
Step 4: Shape the longer piece of crepe into a ball then cover it with the small piece that you just cut off. Once covered, it should look like a miniature balloon.
Step 5: Use the already cut wire to hold the crepe paper into place.
Step 6: Take the uncut strip of crepe paper and cover the ball and the wire. Wind it down the wire so crepe paper covers everything.
Step 7: Once you’ve made 3 stamens, tie them together (at their base) with floral wire.
Step 8: Begin placing petals around the base of the stamens and wrap with a second piece of wire to secure in place.  Continue until you are satisfied with the look of the petals and have finished the length of the wire.
Step 9: Fold the flowers into the shape you want.
Step 10: Tape the flowers from the ceiling with thick string. When they’re adjusted to a height you like, anchor them to the back wall with another string.
Step 11: Collect photobooth props and start taking pictures!

Giant Flower Photo Backdrop DIY | Oh Happy Day!Giant Flower Photo Backdrop DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day
Production by  Alison Piepmeyer
Styling by Caitlin Barker
Crafting by Tais Horta


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