Jun 24

Dip Dyed Firework Bags DIY

I like to celebrate the Fourth of July with a few mellow poppers, smoke bombs, and sparklers. It gives my kids the chance to get in on the action of the fireworks without any of the danger. I made these Dip Dyed bags to hold the goodies we’ll be giving to my sons and their friends. It’s a really easy way to make the day feel festive. Happy 4th!

Click through for instructions.

Materials: Muslin Drawstring Bags, Rit Fabric Dye in Scarlet and Royal Blue, Hot Water, Bowl or Bucket for Dyeing, Paper Towels, and Rubber Gloves (not used but recommended)

Step 1: Follow instructions included in the fabric dye pouches to create dye solution.
Step 2: Slowly immerse one end of the muslin bag into the dye.
Step 3: Let the bag soak for a minimum of 10 seconds. To get more of an ombre effect, gently lift and lower the muslin bag to create lighter and darker shades.
Step 4: Let bag dry on paper towels before introducing another color.
Step 5: Repeat steps with other end.
Step 6: Once bag is dry, fill with awesome children-safe fireworks!

Photography by Kim A. Thomas for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Styling by Irene Yu
Crafting by Caitlin Barker and Stephanie Pressler


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