Feb 8

Valentine’s Garland Mailer DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

When I spotted these gift mailers at The Container Store, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them (I love how inspiration might strike while you are looking for a kid’s thermos for school lunches). Who wouldn’t love to receive this pretty and sweet Valentine’s garland in the mail? It’s very simple to create, and really – no rules…….say whatever you want to say (I Love You, Be Mine, Love Is All You Need, or just X O X O X O).

Materials needed: Mailing tubes in red, pink, gold, scissors, hole punch, tape, various papers, string, circle punch, pom-poms, needle with big eye, blank address labels and markers.
Step 1: Cut out your letters, using a variety of red, pink and gold papers. Make sure your letters are smaller than 1″ so they don’t get squished in the tube.
Step 2: Punch holes in the tops of your letters. String pom-poms, big dots, and letters, tying a knot at the top of each letter and dot.
Step 3: Wind-up the excess string on one end and tape it to the inside of the container lid. Make sure you remember which end it is – you will have to mark it so the recipient knows which side to open first.
Step 4: Seal and address the tube. Postage for the garland shown was $1.95. I love the way a mix of pretty postage looks.
Step 5: Mark which side the recipient should open first – so that when they open it up, the garland automatically unfurls, and they are delighted by your message of true love!
PS – You could even throw some confetti or Valentine’s candy in the tube, for even more fun and sweetness. Just make sure you throw a few extra stamps on as well!


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