Jul 18

We are Art

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We’ve officially been in our apartment two months now! We are making so much progress on our apartment and I can’t wait to share the finished pictures. This is the smallest apartment we’ve ever lived in but it is my favorite. By far. I know that might sound crazy but it gets the best light and it is in the best location. I love being in my apartment! I have been working hard on getting the apartment organized. I can sometimes be a perfectionist when it comes to decorating (ie: procrastinate and it never gets done) but this time around I made a goal to have everything finished by the three month mark. One morning a few weeks ago I just went around making decisions and putting the art on the walls. It sounds so simple but I usually like to think about things and figure out the best solution for the space. I figure I can always go back and fix it but it is nice just to have art up on the walls. This picture below is the Muybridge galloping horse print in my boys’ room.

We are Art | Oh Happy Day!

I had these Blossfeldts from my last apartment sitting around so I took 10 minutes and hung them up in the bathroom. Voila! It looks put together.

We are Art | Oh Happy Day!


I’m doing a campaign with Art.com to celebrate their beautiful new website. I had heard of them but after working with them I am so impressed with their print selections and quality. I met with them a few weeks ago for a bloggers retreat and these guys are the real deal. They have the biggest selection of prints and their frames are each custom made in Ohio. (The MOMA even uses them to frame!) Their new site is gorgeous and matches the quality of their prints and frames.

We are Art | Oh Happy Day!


  • Anni says:

    What lovely light! That artwork looks great.

  • I *love* art.com! I have about a dozen things bookmarked to buy when we finally move into our new place

  • Your space is gorgeous! I love what you’ve done with the toys, deco and art.

    I meant to tell you at the summit how much I loved your selection! That reel was the first time anyone had ever seen the breakdown of how a horse gallops. Zoologists and artists all thought that horses galloped like dogs ran.

    Maybe it’s intentional, but I love that you incorporated the symbolism of first discovery over Moses’s bed.

  • Susy Alarcon Arriaga says:

    Where did the adorable sea horse & dragonfly come from? Not that the art isn’t lovely, but my grandsons would love the whimsy of the animals…..

  • Andrea says:

    Your apartment looks beautiful! You’re doing a great job with the decoration :) Thumbs up!

  • Sarah says:

    I love that little clown. He’s so whimsical. Your place has such great light!

    – Sarah

  • christine says:

    what white paint did you use?

  • kristin says:

    So cute, Jordan! I’m loving the little sneak peeks of your apartment, especially the boys’ room. So beautifully collected.

  • megan says:

    love that earth pillow so much! where did it come from?

  • alyssa a says:

    You’re doing such a great job working on the new apartment!


  • Petris says:

    I ADORE the circus doll and the globe (?) pillow! Can you please share the sources? TIA!

  • I love the bedstead and chair in the boys’ room.
    And I wholeheartedly agree that light and location make an apartment (though I suspect considerations might be different for living in a House?) — better a light filled small room than a mausoleum.
    I once thought I could rent a basement flat (with direct access to a beautiful communal garden. Just lovely. But still). Woke up with night sweats for a week thinking about living in the dark before we pulled out and found our ‘compact’ top-floor, window-filled place.

  • fennpepper says:

    I second Susy Alarcon Arriaga- my little girl would love that magical seahorse. is that a chinatown purchase?

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