Jul 26

Super Long Taper Candles DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

I love the look of those super long taper candles, but can never find them in my neighborhood. I thought it couldn’t be so hard to make them myself, and did it in three really easy steps. I like the way they look color-blocked, and love the charm and – dare I say it – the “pizzazz” it gives to an ordinary white cake.

Materials needed: birthday candles, knife, an old cutting board, lighter.

Step 1: Align two different colored candles together, making sure the wick of one candle is lined up next to the bottom of the other candle.  Hold them next to each other and cut a diagonal slice through both of them.

Step 2: Light the lighter and melt the cut end of one candle.

Step 3: Gently press the two diagonal ends together, hold it for a few seconds, then rest it gently down on a flat surface and let it set. The candles will be pretty fragile, so handle with care.  Some candles were more temperamental and didn’t want to stick together, so I just set those aside for another day.

Step 4: Light them up and make a wish!



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