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Styled Eats: Food for an Outdoor Movie Night

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow.

It’s summer!! Here is part two of our movie night series. My general philosophy on parties and food presentation is I want it to feel special and fun but not too fussed over. For this post we came up with 3 fresh ways to serve food for an 0utdoor movie night. All of these ideas are very easy but are a fun take on the traditional movie food and will make your guests feel special.

1. Mini Candy Bar. For the candy we set up a snack bar of our favorite mini candy bars. For this we used the Bento rectangular platter from CB2 and laid the candy out all in a row. I tried to let my kids help on this but a large number of the candy bars mysteriously disappeared.

2. Printable Popcorn Bags. To create these popcorn bags all you need is a home printer, this free downloadable popcorn template, and these 5″ x 7.5″ white bags. To print directly on the bags just download the free template here, put the white bags in the paper feed (it depends on your printer but we adjusted our printer setting to “cardstock” to accomodate the thickness of the bag), and then print. We filled the bags with popcorn and then placed them in a few of these modern bowls.

3. Mini Sodas. For the mini sodas we bought these Greenware cups with lids and we filled them with ice and brightly colored sodas. Top them with straws and pass them out right before the movie starts. (This presentation was inspired by my recent trip to Barcelona.)

Concept and Styling by Jordan Ferney + Alexis Birkmeyer. Photography by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

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