Feb 28

What to Wear: Mom Uniform

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Do you have a uniform? Something you wear everyday to feel pulled together? I really started having a “uniform” after I had kids. I realized that I wasn’t able to pull off the same kinds of clothes I used to. Partly because I needed something more practical and partly because my body shape was changing (I was always getting bigger or else losing the baby weight.) My uniform is always evolving a little bit based on the season or what feels fresh to me. Here is my current spring “mom uniform” that I’ve been wearing all over the south of Spain. My goals when I dress are the same as with my traveling uniform. First to be comfortable and second to try not to have food stains all over my shirt (Errr-from them, not me of course.).

A. Green Necktie /B. Pink Necktie /C. Blue Necktie These are amazing little ties to add some color and to feel more put-together.

D. Silk Blouse (bring it in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower and you don’t have to iron it!) The number one item in my wardrobe right now is a white button up. I have a few but I wear them so much they always seem to be in the laundry.

E. Thunder in our Hearts Bag I love this black bag I got last summer. I take it everywhere with me so people know that we have thunder in our hearts.

F. Levi’s® Slim Jeans These jet black skinny jeans are slimming after I’ve eaten too many churros con chocolat.

G. Wedge Sandals I buy a neutral pair of low wedge sandals every spring and wear them out. They are easy to walk in and I can wear them with jeans, dresses, and shorts.


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