Nov 28

DIY Watercolored Confetti

by Joke Vande Gaer

When a friend of mine was planning a red themed birthday party for her little confetti loving 6 year old girl, I practically begged to help her. I was on a mission to find red paper confetti (without having to cut the confetti myself) and failed! Since all the stores I visited sold white paper confetti, I was going to try and dye the white confetti with watercolor paint. It turns out to be super easy and crazy cute! We filled jars with the confetti as party favors and the girls loved it!

Materials needed: an old jar for mixing, pretty jars for packaging the favors, white paper confetti, water and watercolor paint in a tube.

Step One: Squeeze out some paint into the jar.
Step Two: Add water and shake the mix until the paint is fully dissolved in the water.

Step Three: Add the confetti and shake again.
Step Four: Let the watercolor mixture do his job for a good 15 – 20 minutes. Shake the jar every 5 minutes to move the confetti around.
Step Five: Pour everything through a strainer and place the confetti on a piece of paper towel. Place a plastic bag under the paper towel to protect the surface you are working on, the confetti is still pretty wet.
Step Six: After 30 minutes, place the confetti on a new piece of paper towel (or an old rag) to let it dry overnight. Spread the confetti out so it dries faster.
Step Seven: Fill the jars with the confetti and use a piece of string to attach a little note to the jar.

When I realized how easy this was I couldn’t resist making more for myself in other colors. Aren’t the different color tones of the confetti pretty?


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