Nov 16

DIY Floral Party Hats

Here are the instructions to make the floral party hats from the party last weekend. When I set out to make them I was envisioning a very tall pile of flowers on someone’s head, I wanted something festive and sort of over the top. There are a million ways to make paper flowers but here are two basic styles that I used. You can change the look completely of either style just by switching color, changing the shape of the petals, or adjusting the fullness. I took a paper flower class a few years ago but I couldn’t remember the instructions so I just made this one up and was pretty happy with how sturdy they were. I think they are more fun if they all look different so its good to get creative with colors and textures. I even tried to hand paint some of the crepe paper before I cut out the petal shapes to them look more interesting. It took me a few hours to make about 10 party hats so if you had a lot to make you could have a few friends over and do an assembly line.

Materials Needed: Crepe Paper in Folds (I like to get the plain colors from here and the metallic stuff from here.), Scissors, Thin Gauge Wire, Wire Cutters, Glue (I don’t use the glue in these two examples but I found it helpful depending on the style of flower), Plastic Headbands (We got cheap ones from H&M.)

Basic Rose Instructions
Step 1: For the petals, take the fold of crepe paper and cut off a 4 inch section.
Step 2: Take that section and cut it in half the same direction as the grain. (Crepe paper has a grain and this will matter later on.)
Step 3: Cut out a petal shape so that the grain of the crepe paper goes from the top to the bottom. It should look like there are lines running from the top of the petal to the base. (Choose the shape of the petal depending on the type of flower you want to make.)
Step 4: Cut long sections of wire about 10″ long and short sections of wire 3″ long. If you are making a lot of flowers then cut all the wire at one time for the process to go a lot faster.
Step 5: Take a scrap piece of crepe paper and wrap the wire around the middle twisting it very tight so the paper can’t slip out.
Step 6: Scrunch it in a ball.

Step 7: Then take a square of crepe paper (in whatever color you want the center of the flower to be) and wrap it around the scrunched up ball twisting it at the bottom.
Step 8: Now you’re ready to add the petals.
Step 9: Take the petals and with both thumbs stretch the crepe paper so it makes a nice curved petal. This is where it will matter what grain the paper is going in so that it stretches right. To go quicker you can even do this to a small stack of petals at the same time.
Step 10: Taking the center of the flower begin placing the petals around and then pinching it and holding it at the base. When you are happy with the fullness of the petals take a small piece of wire and tightly wrap it and twist it to secure it in place. When you are done you should have a nice simple flower.

Basic Chrysanthemum Instruction
Step 10: Take a fold of crepe paper and cut off a 4″ section. (If you want the flower big and puffy do a 6″ section.)
Step 11: Take the fold and cut along one side about 3/4 of the way through making thin strips of fringe.
Step 12: Repeat steps 5 through 7 to create the center of the flower. Begin wrapping the petals around the center and pinching it tight at the base.
Step 13: Continue wrapping it around until you are happy with the fullness.
Step 14: Wrap some small wire tightly around the base. Wrinkle and fluff the petals with your fingers.

Attaching the Flowers to Your Headband
Step 15: Gather the flowers you want to use together in one hand until they look pretty.
Step 16: Hold the flowers tightly together at the base and pull the wire taught.
Step 17: Take the headband and wrap the wire tightly around it until secure, trimming the extra wire if needed. Once it is assembled you can adjust the composition to your liking.

Thank you to my pretty friends CarolineMegLindsey, and Anne for letting me take their picture.


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