Oct 13

DIY Caramel Apple Kit

by Kimberley Hasselbrink

I have a particular fondness for the sweets that are specific to fall and winter. Caramel apples are classic, and this little kit is a fun way to give them new life. You can bring the kits to a get-together, give them out at your own parties, or take them along on a cool weather picnic. You could also set up a Caramel Apple Bar and have all the ingredients arranged in dishes for guests to make their own. These kits are best when paired with a petite vintage butter or cheese knife to cut the apple into slices and slather caramel on each slice. You can find handsome old knives at thrift stores, or on Etsy or Ebay.

6″x3″x3″ gable box with window
raffia or paper shreds
3 two-ounce plastic food containers and lids per kit
small butter knife
gift tags
decorative yarn or twine
1 apple per kit
caramel sauce (or use wrapped caramels to make it even simpler)
choose at least two of the following: chopped pistachios, pecans, walnuts, almonds, coconut flakes,   chooped crystallized ginger, sesame seeds
Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter


1. Heat the caramel sauce just a little bit so that it softens and is easier to pour into the plastic containers. (Be careful not to heat it too much or to cool it too fast, as that can cause the caramel to harden.)
2. Fill a two-ounce plastic container about 3/4 full with the caramel sauce.
3. Fill the other two-ounce containers halfway with whatever toppings you have chosen: nuts, coconut flakes, crystallized ginger, etc.
4. Place a small handful of paper shreds in one side of the box. Nestle the apple in the paper so it doesn’t get jostled.
5. Stack your three containers, with the caramel on the bottom, snugly into the opposite side of the box.
6. Tuck the packet of hazelnut chocolate butter and the knife into the container.
7. Seal.
8. Label the inside of the gift tag with every ingredient that you’ve chosen to include. Like this: Contains: 1. Apple; 2. Caramel sauce; 3. pecans; 4. candied ginger; 5. chocolate hazelnut butter; 6. enjoy! Also provide instructions for how to use the kit: Slice the apple using the knife provided; spread a little caramel or hazelnut chocolate butter on the apple slice; dip the apple slice into any or all of the toppings; enjoy!
9. Cut a 12-inch length of yarn or twine and affix the gift tag to the sealed box.
Note: Caramel in jars often needs to be refrigerated after opening. If you are preparing the kits in advance, store the caramel containers in the fridge until ready to use.
Do you have ideas for other creative toppings that would be perfect in these kits?


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