Sep 9

How to Make a Golden Alligator Pinata

I have a really fun pinata tutorial to share today. This is the second in the Oh Happy Day pinata series (the first is right here.) This golden alligator was really fun to make and I love it so much I want to keep it forever. It took me two short evenings to make it but really it went pretty quick and cutting fringe for me is kind of therapeutic at this point since I make it so much. DIY directions below!

Materials: Metallic Gold Crepe paper in folds. White and Pink crepe paper for the mouth and teeth (I like to buy it here.) Large cardboard box, exacto knife, cutting mat, glue, packing tape, scissors.

Step 1. Layer two layers of cardboard over a cutting mat. Draw an alligator. Cut it out with an exacto knife then cut out long 4″ wide strips to connect the two pieces.

Step 2. Using strong tape connect the alligator shape to the 4″ wide strip. Fold and crease the strip where you need to for the shape of the alligator. (If this is just for children this will be strong enough. If you are making it for adults you should add 2-3 layers of strips of paper and Elmer’s glue to reinforce it.)

Step 3: To decorate your alligator make one sided fringey garlands (which means you follow these directions but only shred one side of the strip instead of both. ) Then starting at the bottom of the alligator lay down a line of glue.

Step 4. Apply the one sided fringe to the glue.

Step 5. Before getting too far on the fringe stop to make some teeth. To make the teeth take a 5″ square piece of crepe paper and fold it in half diagonally, corner to corner.

Step 6. Then fold it in half diagonally again corner to corner.

Step 7. Apply glue in the seam of the “pirate hat” and press it together to dry.

Step 8. I think the teeth look cute stuffed like a pillow so get scrap paper and stick it inside so its round.

Step 9. Fold the tooth so there is a little flap to secure the glue to. Apply the teeth to the top and the bottom of the mouth. It’s important you do this before you do the rest of the fringe so the crepe paper can cover the seams at the base of the teeth. Finish covering the rest of the alligator with fringe.

Step 10. When you get to a place where you can’t add more strips make a special piece that is “folded” at the top. You want to fold it specifically for where you are going to place it. This will cover any bare spots of fringe. Add glue.

Step 11. And then place the special strip so it covers any extra cardboard.

Step 12. Fill in the mouth with a second color of fringe (I used pink) and make some black eyeballs with crepe paper and a Sharpie. Put them on the top of the alligators head.


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