Aug 3

Sailing Greece: Mykonos

We started our sailing trip in Mykonos. It is big enough that it has an airport but it is far enough away from Athens that the other islands nearby are remote so it was a good place to start our trip. Paul and I got in a day early and stayed at the Elena Hotel, which I highly recommend (thanks Amy for the tip). Here are some pictures from our time spent on Mykonos. My friends like to explore everything so as soon as we would get to an island we would rent scooters and see as much as we could. Some of the things we did on Mykonos: we went to four beaches most were party beaches but we did find a sweet one called Agrari that was a little quieter and had a beautiful cove. There are churches everywhere and they looked so pretty on all the hills. Everyday we would try to find somewhere special to watch the sunset. Not to be dramatic but the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen were there on Mykonos. The town is a party town so there is lots to do up into the wee hours of the morning. My friends Rebecca and Derek tried the “fish spa” where you put your feet into the water and all the little fishies eat the dirt off your feet. It gave me the willies, so I just watched. The last morning on Mykonos we took a quick ferry over to the neighboring island Delos, which had some beautiful ruins. We tried lots of recommended restaurants, and the food wasn’t bad but nothing super memorable. We loved getting to know Mykonos but the smaller more remote islands were by far my favorite.

all photos by Paul Ferney and Charlotte Beck


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