Aug 19

My Dream Car

One of my bad habits when I have a deadline is I look for adorable microcars on ebay. I’ve even been known to place low bids on occasion without telling Paul. hehe I can’t wait for the day I actually win one and I have to tell Paul I’m going to Illinois to pick up a really impractical new car. I was looking at ebay listings here in Europe (which are a lot more exciting) when I found this amazing car. It’s a Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia, I guess they were made as resort cars for when you are on vacation. All I know is the wicker seats are killing me! I’ll take one in minty green please. Here is some information I found on this site.

Produced between 1958 and 1966, the Fiat Jolly vehicles (also knows as La Spiaggina or the beach-ette) were used by many celebrities of the era, including Aristotle Onassis, Yul Brynner and the late Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, as beach and estate cars, golf carts and yacht tenders. The cars came with cut-down sides, chromed pipe-work, wicker seats and festive surrey top, while color choices included coral, pink, pale yellow, sky blue and white.


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