Apr 5

Happy Birthday Aubrey

Today is my friend Aubrey’s birthday. Yesterday Rebecca and I threw a party for her and it was one of my favorite parties I’ve ever thrown. First we told everyone to meet at Aubrey’s house and to wear grubby clothes. Then we handed everyone an envelope with their first clue for a treasure hunt. Lots of our friends have zip car memberships so as a surprise we had a fleet of mini cooper convertibles to race around the city in.

The first clue was a number to a bag check at different thrift stores in the mission.

When we handed in the number they gave us a bag with another clue that sent us to the secret slides.

At the slides we found cardboard (you use cardboard to go down the slides) with clues that sent us “fishing” at pier 7.

We found the clue dangling off the very end of the pier. That clue sent us to the Fortune Cookie Factory in China Town.

Inside each fortune cookie instead of the fortune was a clue to the Lyon Street Stairs and that clue sent us to our destination at Crissy Field.

At Crissy Field there was a table of cupcakes and snacks and then we surprised everyone and got out a bunch of holi colors I got at some local Indian supply stores. Then we had a GIANT color fight right there in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was really really fun.


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