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Giant Balloon Love Letter

No, I love you more! This giant expression of love is perfect as an overblown (sorry!) gesture for your significant other or even as a photo booth backdrop at a galantines party! Ever since J. Crew used these giant letter balloons in a holiday campaign, we knew we wanted to put our own spin on it. It is super easy to make and could easily be adapted with different colors and messages for other events throughout the year. Happy Valentines Day!

Giant Balloon Love Letter | Oh Happy Day!

Giant Balloon Love Letter | Oh Happy Day!

Giant Balloon Love Letter | Oh Happy Day!

Materials: pink mylar letter balloons 34”, pink mylar heart balloons 18”, pink ribbon, white twine, fishing line, gaffers tape, helium, scissors

Step 1: Start to plan the layout of all the balloons by sketching it out. Make sure you have enough space on the wall for the balloons to fit. 

Step 2: Begin to fill all the letter balloons with helium and tie the pink ribbon to each balloon. To get a nice end of the balloon make a knot and then roll up the end then make one more knot to get rid of the end.   

Step 3: When all the balloon letters are inflated with helium begin to attach the letters to the floor with gaffers tape, by starting with the letters from the left. When they are in place, continue to attach the other letters to the floor. To make sure all the letters stay in place, attach a fishing line with tape to the back of the balloons, that runs through all the letters at on level. 

Step 4: When all the letters are in place, start to inflate the mylar hearts with helium, and tie the white twine the same way as the letters. After the hearts are inflated, start to attach them to the floor with tape and fill the rest of the space with the hearts.  


Giant Balloon Love Letter | Oh Happy Day!

Giant Balloon Love Letter | Oh Happy Day!

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Crafting by Justine Pon

  1. Makenzie V.

    February 14, 2018

    Omg what a statement!

  2. Serdivan Günlük Kiralık Apart

    February 16, 2018

    Such a creative design! The vibrant color makes that so clear and also menaningful. I have to mention it that this you guys obviously love crispy colorful photos.

  3. Belle

    February 21, 2018

    ‘I love you to the moon and back’ would be cute too!

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