May 19

DIY Mini Cotton “Candy” Invitations

by Michaela Egger

I really have a soft spot for all things miniature. Anything that’s awesome in its regular size just gets oh so much more adorable in mini. So, when i was thinking of a fun way to invite friends to a little backyard carnival, the idea for these mini cotton candy invitations popped into my mind. Now, these are really not suitable for little kids – they might try eat the cotton, but older children and grown-ups like me will go crazy over these sweet things with the hidden message inside! You can use them as invitations like I do or you could make them as the carnival alternative to fortune cookies and hide little fortunes inside. And hey, if you want, you can also use real cotton candy instead of cotton. Yum!

DIY Mini Cotton "Candy" Invitations | Oh Happy Day!DIY Mini Cotton "Candy" Invitations | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 29

Cotton Candy Garland DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Did you know that cotton candy was invented by a dentist? But there’s no need to worry about cavities (or melting, for that matter) with this sweet (fake) cotton candy garland. Click through for instructions on how to make your own! (PS – Remember these cotton candy trays?)

Cotton Candy Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Cotton Candy Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Cotton Candy Garland | Oh Happy Day!


Jun 5

Styled Eats: Acrylic Trays

A lot of caterers use acrylic trays as a way to present food. It is a really clean and modern way to serve food to your guests. This project shows you how to make your own tray. We’ve done it here for cotton candy but you could use it for just about anything on a stick. It is really simple, all you need is to be able to drill a few holes. I think these would be great for a cocktail party or baby shower, or making an awesome Amy Atlas style dessert table. I also really like that you would be able to reuse these over and over for future parties!

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