Jun 24

Gift Tag Inspiration

Gift tags are sometimes an after thought but these are so pretty that they actually might steal the show. What are your favorites? (PS- Wrapping inspiration & envelope inspiration.)

Gift Tag Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Graphic Gems | 2. Parcel Tag Trio Box | 3. Face Gift Cards | 4. Paper Embellishment Gift Tags | 5. Chart Gift Tags | 6. Watercolor Gift Tags | 7. Masters Gift Tag Set | 8. Printable Tags | 9. Confetti Gift Tags | 10. Neon Sketch Gift Tags


Jun 17

Citrus & Gold Party Supplies

I was planning out an all-gold party for a friend when I realized how pretty it would look with a mix of orange, pinks & yellows.  I love when I get to mix up unexpected color combinations. Here are a few items I’m planning on using. They all feel so perfect for summer!

Citrus & Gold Party Supplies


1. Pinata | 2. Plates | 3. Stir Sticks | 4. Cake | 5. Festoon | 6. Napkins | 7. Cupcakes | 8. Garland

Jun 13

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Awesome decor for an outdoor party!
2. Party tape!
3. Ready for Father’s Day? Check out this last minute card by Erin Jang!
4. Such a pretty cake!
5. Love this genius DIY from Design*Sponge.

May 5

Washi Tape Box DIY

by Ashley Page Norton 

I’ve been a huge fan of washi tape for a while and love using it to make permanent designs. Since it’s intended to be removable, using a little decoupage glue over top of the finished design helps the tape to stay stuck. With this method you can whip up some colorful boxes to use as gift packaging that can be repurposed to hold whatever the lucky recipient chooses!

Washi Tape Box DIY | Oh Happy Day! Washi Tape Box DIY | Oh Happy Day! Washi Tape Box DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions!   (more…)

Apr 28

Mini Cactus Piñatas

by Kathleen Ballos

I’ve been loving the cactus trend that seems to be happening lately, especially since I do not have a green thumb whatsoever. It’s almost Cinco de Mayo, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to make these miniature cacti piñatas to celebrate! Since you pull a string instead of smashing these piñatas, you can keep them up as decorations even after the candy has been eaten!

Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!Mini Cactus Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!

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