Snapshots of Normandy

We took a quick trip to Normandy with our house guests this weekend. My sister offered to take my kids so we could see more (Thanks Gabby!) Their house in Normandy is the most charming place and their little blue car is unbelievably adorable. I love getting away from Paris and going to their home, it’s like heaven. After we dropped the kids off we went to Mont St. Michel, which is a giant abbey on top of an almost freestanding island. We stayed the night there which is pretty much a ghost town after dark. It was so cool to be there by ourselves and explore it. We even got up early in our pajamas to watch the sunrise. After that we went to see some of the WWII beaches and memorials. It was so sad and sobering. War is so awful. We stayed the last night at my sister’s house and got to hang out with my wonderful nieces and nephews before heading back to Paris. IT was fun to getaway with out kids even if it was for just a day or two. Have you ever been to Normandy?

Snapshots from Spain + Portugal

I’m finally back home in Paris and I got a chance to look through our trip photos. I can’t wait to share them. It was such a special trip and I feel lucky we got to go and it worked out so well. It was the kind of trip that when it was time to go home we were sad to leave. Paul usually totes the big camera so I wanted to share some of these snapshots I took from my iphone. For the itinerary we used these suggestions as a loose guide.


Copenhagen Trip

We went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. It was freeeeezing. Although I questioned my own decision making skills several times during the trip (who plans a trip to Copenhagen the first week in February?) I’m actually really happy I got to see it in winter. Brittany and I had been planning on doing a house swap (she stays at my place in Paris while we stay in her place in Copenhagen.) Our tickets were 60 Euros(!) so we were able to do the trip on a shoesstring budget. Our friends Rubi and Stanton came with us, they were amazing and so fun to travel with especially considering we take forever to do anything since we have kids. I don’t know if we were underdressed or just not used to the cold weather but it was the kind of cold that you would go out for two minutes and be chilled to the bone–even with layers on. We ended up renting a car and it was a lot better after that. Something about always knowing there was a a warm spot 10 minutes away made the cold easier to deal with.

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Last month we took a five day trip to Italy. It was our most ambitious travel plan yet since we were bringing along our kids and we wanted to visit three cities: Pisa, Florence, and Venice. It was a wonderful trip and we were able to see a lot of things. It started to get really cold by the end of the trip (see here!) so I wish we could do Venice over with a little bit warmer weather but other than that it was totally doable. First, we flew into Pisa and made a quick stop to see the tower before jumping on a train to Florence.

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Spain + Portugal Recommendations

I’ve been busy today because we leave on a two week trip tomorrow to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. It is about 20 degrees warmer than Paris so I’m excited to shed the heavy coats for some lightweight sweaters. This will likely be the last trip we take before we move back to the US. After researching some here is our itinerary. Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Arcos de la Frontera, Tarifa, Granada. Portugal: Salema, Lisbon. In addition we’ll take a day trip to Morocco. I’m fluent in Portuguese so I’ll be able to use my language skills at least on part of the trip! I’d love recommendations if you have them.

photo by Christian Chaize available here.