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The Commission Project Holiday 2013

The Commission Project is launching today for the holiday season! The Commission Project is an affordable way to get a commissioned painting for your family. We do this around the holidays because it makes the perfect gift. The way it works is you purchase a commission right here and choose a frame color, next send a photo by September 9th to for approval, then wait by your mailbox for your painting. All paintings will be shipped framed and ready to hang no later than December 1st. You can check out more sample pictures and see more information right here.

This is the fourth year but it all started out because Paul would get so many inquiries in commissioned paintings. But because of all the time spent going back and forth the price ended up being more than people could pay. We started thinking about it and realized if we could streamline all the details like size and frame type then we could offer a commissioned painting at half it’s normal cost. And that is how the Commission Project was born. This usually sells out quickly so act soon!

The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!The Commission Project - Paul Ferney | Oh Happy Day!

Father’s Day Commission Project

I’m excited to announce another Commission Project just in time for Father’s Day. The Commission Project works like this: purchase a painting here and choose your frame color, send in a photo by Wednesday May 15th, then wait by your mailbox. A finished painting by Paul Ferney, framed and ready to hang will be shipped by June 10th. These make really great gifts! Here are some of my favorite pictures below. There are a very limited number of spots this time (half sold out in the first hour.) Updated: This round is sold out but if you want to be the first to hear about this in the future sign up for the email list right here.


The Commission Project

I always hear people say they would love to purchase a painting but it is out of their price range. So a few years ago Paul and I discussed different ideas and we came up with the idea of The Commission Project. For a flat price of $240 you can commission your own custom portrait. There are a limited amount of spots available at this discounted rate (they are normally $450) and in the past it has sold out in just a few days. The process is really simple, just purchase a painting right here and then email your photo in–then wait by your mailbox for your finished painting. They will be shipped no later than December 1st. These make great little presents, just in time for the holidays!

So if you need a portrait of your dog or baby or lover…or a painting of your childhood home, your family car, or your wedding shoes, now is your chance. Click here for more details, photo submission requirements, more sample paintings and to purchase.

PS: A lot of people have asked for it, so this is the first year a bigger size is being offered in addition to the standard size.

The Commission Project by Paul Ferney


Mother’s Day Commission Project

I’m happy to announce another round of the Commission Project is going on sale today. Paul thought up the Commission Project a couple years ago because a lot of people wanted a commissioned painting but it was out of their price range. So he figured out a way to streamline the process so that he could reduce the price. For a $240 flat rate you get a framed original painting shipped to your house. This round the paintings will ship by May 1st, just in time for Mother’s Day. There are a very limited amount of spots available and they will be available until March 7th or until they sell out. (Whatever comes first.) Go here for more details and to purchase.

It is a really easy process. You just purchase a spot for $240, then send in your photograph you would like painted to Your photo will be approved by Paul within 48 hours and then you just wait for your framed painting to arrive in the beginning of May.

It is so neat to hear the stories behind all these paintings. People’s loved pets, baby photos, first cars, etc. Paul loves getting the emails explaining the story behind the painting so he can try to capture it. To see more painting samples go here.

Commission Project Update

Thank you for the wonderful response with the Commission Project! We’re almost sold out. There are about 50 spots left so if you are interested in getting your very own oil painting commissioned in time for Christmas then act quick. They make a great present or even as a group gift for something special. You just send in a photo and the paintings ship no later than December 1st. The shipping cost is included in the price and the paintings are shipped framed, ready to be hung. Go here to read more and to purchase.

I want to give a special thanks to some of my blogger friends for letting us use their photos for samples. Naomi of Rockstar Diaries, Rachel of Black Eiffel, Joy of Oh Joy, Melanie of You Are My Fave and Megan of Not Martha. Thank you thank you!

Photo Credit: Naomi of Rockstar Diaries

Photo Credit: Rachel of Black Eiffel

Photo Credit: Joy of Oh Joy

Photo Credit: Krode Heaver

Photo Credit: Megan of Not Martha