Jul 24

Origami Picnic Boxes DIY

Here is a sweet little idea that would be great for a baby shower or a picnic. The best part is all you need is paper and our handy template to put this together. We’ve partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds for this easy way to serve food at a party or a picnic. (Perfect for holding healthy snack foods like almonds!) These come together really quickly and I like that you can customize colors to suit your party really easily. It’s a nice little easy touch to add to a laid back party. See below for full instructions!

Origami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy Day

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Materials: Origami box template, colorful cardstock paper, x-acto knife and cutting mat (or scissors), bone folder, glue

Step 1: Cut out the origami box template and tape it to a piece of cardstock paper.
Step 2: Using the template as a guide, cut out the same shape from the cardstock.
Step 3: Using your bone folder, first make inward creases (valley folds) on the lines that form the middle square.
Step 4: From here, crease all the long lines that extend out of the square inward with valley folds . Crease all the short lines that extend out of the square the other way with mountain folds. When all the folds are complete, the box should form an “x” shape.
Step 5: Glue the inside indentation of the mountain folds. Then, glue these flaps inside the box so they fold on top of each other (The final result should look like the inside of a bento box.)
Step 6: Fill with treats and enjoy!

Origami-Boxes6 Origami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami-Boxes7

Blue Diamond Almonds

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


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