Jul 7

Handmade Confetti and DIY Confetti Throwers

Sometimes store bought confetti doesn’t come in the right colors for the party we are having, in that case we make our own handmade confetti. It is really easy to make, I just throw on a movie while I cut. For this project I used a trick I learned in Paris where you just fill a plastic tube with confetti and hand them out to all your guests. With just a flick of the wrist the confetti propels out of the tube and goes everywhere. Perfect for surprise parties or weddings! The tissue paper at Paper Mart has always been my favorite. It comes in the best colors and is so affordable.

DIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy Day!DIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayDIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayDIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayBest Tissue Paper Source | Oh Happy Day

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Materials Needed: The Best Tissue Paper for this project we used: Scarlet, Island Pink, Light Pink, Apricot, Limon, Pistachio, Willow, Mint & Aquamarine, Plastic Tubes, Exacto Knife, Straight Edge, Cutting Board

Step One: Cut Tissue Paper in a strip as wide as you want the confetti
Step Two: Cut into small strips. Keep the confetti in stacks, this is important for the confetti to launch properly.
Step Three: Place the little “stacks” into the tube.
Step Four: Add lid and a little label if you want.

DIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayDIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy Day

This post is sponsored by Paper Mart. My favorite resource for packaging and craft supplies.

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


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