Jun 9

A Fresh Baby Shower

by Casey Baudoin

Spring parties are perfect for bright and fresh color combos.  I’m loving aqua and citron/lime these days!  Serve your guests with fruit dishes and smoothie drinks, and add in some handmade items like tassel garland and stamped table cloths to make it special.

A Fresh Baby Shower | Oh Happy Day!

1. tassels  2. feather mobile  3. DIY stamping  4. dessert cups  5. fruit flurry  6. feather invitations  7. spoons  8. plates


  • Nina says:

    I love the colors! Just like the dots in your web design. Gender neutral colors are the best for baby showers. It makes it so much more fun, I think, because it needs to be different and creative. Serving fruit is the way to go for a summer baby shower. Very cute idea!

  • Ann-Marie says:

    Whoa! So cool to see my wedding invitations in this round-up! Given the fact that my first child is due next month, this is so fitting :) Thank you!

  • Cloe says:

    I’m loving this color combination too, so fresh and pretty!

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