Mar 6

Plant a Flower Day Card

by Ashley Page Norton

I’m not always perfect at remembering the birthdays I should remember, so it’s nice to send out a little note to friends and family who live far away when it’s not their birthday or a major holiday. A great excuse to keep in touch is coming up on March 12: Plant a Flower Day! Take advantage of this awesome holiday by sending cards adorned with a flower made out of seed paper. When planted, the seeds inside the paper will bloom into real wildflowers. Even if winter isn’t over yet, these cards feel like spring!

Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day! Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day! Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for materials & instructions… 

 You will need: ruler, washi tape,craft knife, pen, craft glue, scissors, scallop edge scissors, seed paper in green and floral shades, flower template, cover stock craft paper and matching 5 by 7 inch envelope

Step 1: Print out the template and cut out petals and leaves from seed paper. Also, fold a piece of craft paper in half and use the ruler to cut into a 4 by 7 inch card.
Step 2: With the scallop edge scissors, cut scallops across the top of the petals.
Step 3: Glue petals onto the stem of the flower – first glue three petals to the top of the stem and then three more on top of those in an overlapping pattern.
Step 4: Use washi tape to adhere the flower to the card and add two strips to the inside of the card. Each strip inside the card should be about three inches long.
Step 5: Write “Plant me!” on the strip of washi tape holding the flower to the front of the card. On the inside of the card, write: “March 12, 2014 – Plant a Flower Day” on the two strips of washi tape. Below that, write the instructions for the seed paper: “Place wildflower seed paper under a thin layer of soil. Water thoroughly, keep moist. Place in a sunny corner and watch bloom!” Put the card in an envelope and mail!

Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day!Plant a Flower Day Card | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Veronica Sharon


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