Mar 17

DIY Conversation Bunnies

by Michaela Egger

I always love an unexpected, fun centerpiece; so for this Easter I created this easy conversation bunnies DIY. It’s inexpensive and won’t take more than half an hour to create! Make a centerpiece or mini chocolate bunny place settings with custom printable speech bubbles. A fair warning: since these are made with actual chocolate bunnies, you’ll need to consider the place of your Easter brunch table – direct sunlight wouldn’t be too great for these babies!

DIY Conversation Bunnies | Oh Happy Day!DIY Conversation Bunnies | Oh Happy Day!

Materials: chocolate Easter bunnies, free speech bubble printables, x-acto knife or scissors, metal wire, tape, glue, potted greens/grass or moss, a centerpiece vessel, box or flat vase, pretty candy Easter eggs

Step 1: Print and cut out the free printable conversation bubbles
Step 2: With tape attach a piece of metal wire to the back of one bubble
Step 3: Place a mirrored speech bubble on top and fix it with paper glue (that way your centerpiece will be pretty from both sides of the table)
Step 4: Unwrap your chocolate bunny carefully (it’s best to store it in the fridge before you start crafting)
Step 5: Carefully stick the wire into the chocolate bunny, if necessary bend the wire slightly to get your speech bubble into the perfect position
Step 6: Repeat previous steps with a second bunny
Step 7: Grab some pretty potted greens or moss and your centerpiece vessel
Step 8: Arrange greens in your vessel to create a mini meadow for your bunnies to play in
Step 9: Place your bunnies on top, then add some pretty candy eggs for an extra touch

DIY Conversation Bunnies | Oh Happy Day!DIY Conversation Bunnies | Oh Happy Day!

Super-easy, right? And your kids or chocolate-loving guests will be so happy when they can dig into this after your meal! If you want to be extra nice to them, make personalized mini chocolate bunny place settings for everybody!

You will need to download this free font (nevis) before you start, then download the printables, open in preview (on mac) or Adobe Reader (on PC) and fill in your guest names in CAPS. After that follow the steps for the centerpiece, but place your mini bunnies in nests of greens or directly onto the plates.

Happy Easter everybody!

DIY Conversation Bunnies | Oh Happy Day!


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