Feb 11

Sprinkle Cake DIY

By Kelsey Nixon

Who doesn’t love a cake made from scratch?! But when it comes to frosting it, things can get a bit frustrating. So in my opinion, the easiest way to decorate a cake is with sprinkles! Not only is it a foolproof way to finish off a cake, it also makes quite the celebratory statement, and it’s just so fun. I’ve learned that there is more than one way to sprinkle a cake (and unfortunately most methods result in a few extra sprinkles scattered about the kitchen). If you’re working with a larger layer cake, I’m a fan of the “pat” method – if it’s a smaller cake without layers, I recommend the “roll” method. Layer cakes tend to be more fragile, so while the “pat” method is a bit more tedious, there’s no chance your layers will shift. Smaller cakes or any cake that doesn’t have layers are sturdier and better suited for the quicker “roll” method. Regardless of your chosen method, one thing is for sure – cakes just seem happier when dressed in sprinkles! (PS – Check out the sprinkle cake in my first cookbook!)

Sprinkle Cake DIY | Oh Happy Day!Sprinkle Cake DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: Delicious cake recipe (here’s my favorite), sprinkles (about 1/2 cup for a standard 9-inch layer cake), buttercream or favorite frosting recipe, offset spatula, shallow tray, candles

Sprinkle Cake DIY | Oh Happy Day!

DIY Instructions for large layer cake – the “pat” method:

Step 1: Bake cake, cool and remove from pan. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for at least 1 hour before frosting with buttercream. Cakes can be baked, wrapped and frozen up to 2 months in advance.
Step 2: Frost chilled cake with a layer of buttercream. It’s important that your frosting is fresh so that the sprinkles will adhere easily. Transfer your cake to a cake stand with rim (preferably) to catch any loose sprinkles. or, set your cake stand inside a shallow pan to catch the sprinkles.
Step 3: Using clean hands, gently pat handfuls of sprinkles onto the sides of cake until covered. Avoid firmly pressing the sprinkles into the frosting as it will make the cake look overworked and uneven.
Step 4: Add sprinkles on top of cake taking care to blend the top with the sides.

Sprinkle Cake DIY | Oh Happy Day!

DIY Instructions for mini cake– the “roll” method:

Step 1: Follow step 1 listed above. I used a popover pan to bake my mini cakes.
Step 2: Frost only the sides of the chilled mini cake with a layer of buttercream, leaving the top unfrosted.
Step 3: Carefully transfer the cake on its side to a shallow pan filled with sprinkles.
Step 4: Gently roll the cake in the shallow pan until the sides are completely covered. Transfer back to the cake stand or serving plate.
Step 5: Frost the top of the cake with a small offset spatula and sprinkle, blending the top with the sides.

Sprinkle Cake DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Kylie Whiting for Oh Happy Day


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