Feb 26

Papier-mâché Lit Garland

By Ashley Page Norton 

I always try to think of craft ideas that I can make with supplies I already have. This month I have lots of tissue paper scraps leftover from another project so I came up with this papier-mâché garland. It’s easy to make and customize with any colors of tissue you like – tailor the color palette to use as decor for a party or just to add a colorful glow to a room.

Papier-mâché Lit Garland | Oh Happy Day!Papier-mâché Lit Garland | Oh Happy Day! Papier-mâché Lit Garland | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for materials and instructions…

Materials needed: Tissue paper, small balloons, scissors, matte decoupage glue, foam brush, string lights, small bowl, string or twine, clips or clothespins, and newspaper.

Step 1: Cut small squares out of tissue paper.
Step 2: Prepare the rest of the supplies – spread newspaper out over your work surface, mix decoupage glue with water (two parts glue to one part water), and inflate balloons so they are round (use less air than can fully inflate the balloon).
Step 3: Papier-mâché the balloons: paint a layer of watered down glue over the balloon and stick on bits on tissue. Add more glue as needed so the tissue is completely soaked. Continue covering the entire balloon, leaving as small of an opening as possible around the knotted end of the balloon. Repeat with a second layer of tissue.
Step 4: Clip balloons onto string with clothespins and let dry overnight.
Step 5: Once balloons are dry, use the scissors to deflate them. Holding the tied end of the balloon while the air is let out, carefully pull it out of the papier-mâché ball. Stick each ball over a lightbulb on the light string and hang!

Papier-mâché Lit Garland | Oh Happy Day! Papier-mâché Lit Garland | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Veronica Sharon 


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