Feb 12

Paper Net Garland DIY

by Kathleen Ballos

Aren’t vintage craft books the best? Some of the projects can be a bit outdated but you can find some real gems as well! This garland was inspired by Christmas tree decorations in an old Girl Scout craft book that I was thrilled to get my hands on. They’re so easy to whip up and you likely already have all the supplies.

Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: Paper, scissors, glue stick, ruler, bone folder (optional)

Step 1: Cut your paper into a narrow strip – ours was 3 1/2″ by 12″ but you can play around with different widths.
Step 2: Fold the paper in half lengthwise – a bone folder will help you get a nice clean fold.
Step 3: Use your scissors to make cuts 1/2″ apart on alternating edges of the paper leaving 1/2″ of the width uncut.
Step 4: Continue this process for the entire length. When done, gently unfold the paper  and carefully flatten the centre crease.
Step 5: Repeat this process as many times as you like! To make a longer garland, simply use a glue stick to attach the ends of two garlands together.
Step 6: For a wider version of this garland, cut a piece of paper 6″ by 12″. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then in half lengthwise again.
Step 7: As before, make snips 1/2″ apart and repeat for the entire length.
Step 8: Gently unfold and flatten the garland in the same way. Use small pieces of washi tape to attach the ends of the garland to your walls.

Paper Net Garland | Oh Happy Day!Paper Net Garland | Oh Happy Day!


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