Feb 24

DIY Circus Party Hats

by Kathleen Ballos

Wouldn’t it be a blast to have a circus themed birthday party? Party hats customized for the occasion are a great way to involve your guests in the theme and they’ll make a huge impact in all the group photos they’re in! And did you know Carnival Day is this Wednesday? These hats would look darling with this DIY carnival cake topper!

DIY Circus Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!DIY Circus Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!DIY Circus Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: White paper cups, red acrylic paint, white and yellow card stock, elastic cord, wooden skewers, pencil, paintbrush, scissors, hole punch.

Step 1: Use your scissors to cut about 1″ off the bottom of the cup.
Step 2: Paint wide red stripes onto the remainder of the cup. Don’t worry if the stripes aren’t perfectly even!
Step 3: Trace a circle onto your white card stock (we traced a bowl with a 5″ diameter). Paint red stripes from the center of the circle out to the edges.
Step 4: While waiting for your paint to dry, cut long thin triangles out of the yellow card stock. Trim down the wooden skewers to about 3″, roll the yellow triangles around them, and hot glue into place.
Step 5: Cut out the painted circles and remove a wedge about 1/3 of the circle. Then cut a tiny little scoop out of the centre of the circle – this is where the skewer will go.
Step 6: Use hot glue to form the painted circles into wedges and then hot glue the wooden skewer into the top of the cones.
Step 7: Apply a thin line of hot glue to the cut edge of the paper cup and attach the cone, doing your best to keep it even.
Step 8: Punch two holes into the bottom edge of the cup. Tie your elastic cord through these holes – our elastic straps were 19″, but you can adjust this as needed.

DIY Circus Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!DIY Circus Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!


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