Jan 6

Clothes to Party In No. 9

 by Alison Piepmeyer

January is always such a bummer . After the excitement of the holidays, it’s always hard to transition back into a normal routine. So this year, I’m planning to keep the celebration going with a mid-month black-and-white party. There’s only one rule: guests can’t wear any color. Here are a few awesome pieces to get an outfit started!

Clothes to Party In No. 9 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Great Shapes Necklace | 2. Frankie Pump in Colorblock | 3. Houndstooth Coat (on sale now!) | 4. Chevron Checker Hat | 5. Girl Talk Bobbi Set | 6. Girlie Bow | 7. Mix Scale Spot Shirt | 8. Split-Circle Rings


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