Nov 22

Our Inspiration Wall

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Things are slowly coming together at our new studio and I can’t wait to share pictures soon. We’ve been busy, so it’s definitely a work in progress – but one of the first things we put up was our inspiration wall. There’s something special about collecting beautiful images and physically hanging them around our creative space. It helps to set the mood for our brainstorming meetings and brings so much color into the studio! Some of these inspirational images come from magazines or ads, but we also find some online. We used our Canon PIXMA Printer that connects right to our social networks and to our files on the cloud. It’s wireless, so it’s super easy to print beautiful images as we find them. I also like to add 3-D elements like beautiful objects and feathers I find. How do you incorporate inspiration into your home office?

Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!

Photos by Paul Ferney


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