Nov 19

Holiday Cards from Pear Tree Greetings

It’s Holiday Card time! I usually try to make my own but this year with the move I realized if I don’t get these out early they just weren’t going to happen. Pear Tree Greetings approached me and asked if I was interested in using their site to design our holiday cards. I love that the Pear Tree Greetings site has so many Holiday Card options – it was difficult to choose just one! In the end, I picked a simple but fun design that would highlight one of my favorite family photos from this summer. The stripes on the back are awesome (although, I also loved the colors on this one and the gold foil on this one.) It only took 10 minutes to customize the cards and they came in the mail a few days later, I was thrilled with result! They look even more beautiful in person. Are you sending out holiday cards this year?

Pear Tree Greetings Holiday Cards | Oh Happy Day!Pear Tree Greetings Holiday Cards | Oh Happy Day!

This post is sponsored by Pear Tree Greetings: Photo Cards, Announcements, Invitations and More!  

Product Photos by Paul Ferney
Family Photo by Heather Zweig


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