Nov 18

Hexagon Candy Box DIY

by Amy Moss

This project combines three of my favourite things: Papercraft, holiday decorating and candy! Create some really cute mini holiday decorations with these candy shaped hexagon boxes.  Settle in with some festive holiday music and a glass of bubbly and get your craft on!

Here are some ideas for what you can do with these cuties!

  • Attach some twine to the back to create cute hanging decorations
  • I’ve used gold, but you can use any other accent color or metallic you would like. Try an assortment of candy colors! Or use red for a more traditional Christmas theme.
  • Could be used as holiday gift boxes for miniature treasures or treats!
  • If you wish to make gift boxes suitable for larger gifts, use a photocopier to enlarge the template to the desired size.

DIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy Box

Click through for materials and instructions…

Materials needed: Printer, Adobe Reader (free download), PDF template (download at bottom of post), scissors, x-acto knife, ruler, cutting board, pencil, gold foil card (or any coloured card you desire), glue or double-sided tape, printable white card stock of medium thickness, twine and tape (optional- if making a hanging decoration).

Step 1: Download the PDF at the bottom of this post and print out onto white card of medium thickness. Note: Do not use Mac Preview to view or print the PDF, as colours may come out completely wrong. Use Adobe Reader instead. Use your x-acto knife and ruler to cut out the petal template, the main body and both concertina pieces and score along dotted and dot-dash lines. (I’ve used scissors to cut the rounded edges, I find it much easier).  Place the petal template on the back of a sheet of gold card and trace around with a pencil then cut out with x-acto/scissors. You need to make three gold petals- one will need to have the rectangular hole that you see in the template, the other two don’t need the hole. Fold your various pieces (Fold inward for dotted lines and outward for dot-dash lines).
Step 2: Using glue or double-sided tape on the tabs, start attaching the gold petals to the main body. Make sure that the gold petal with the hole sits opposite the white petal with the hole (on the main body).
Step 3: Once all of your petals are attached, begin folding them inward, each piece will overlap the petal on one side while sitting under the petal on the other side. Press down to close your box.
Step 4: Fold and press together your concertina pieces and slip each of them into the small rectangular holes on either side of your box. Once they’re about midway through the box, fan out the visible portion.

Finally, if you wish to make hanging decorations simply attach some twine to the back!

Happy Holiday Crafting! :)

xo amy

DIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy Box


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