Nov 5

DIY Wrapping Paper

by Joke Vande Gaer

I love making my own wrapping paper, it’s so quick and easy to do and it makes a gift extra special. I try to look for tools or objects that we already have to make effortless patterns!

DIY Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!DIY Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!DIY Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!DIY Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials needed: tissue or rice paper, black watercolor paint, toothbrush, big paint brush, paint roller & a spray bottle.

Tool 1 – Big paintbrush: make your paintbrush really wet and quickly dab it into black watercolor paint. The paintbrush will have an uneven amount of paint/water in different parts of the brush which will create a fun and easy pattern. The pattern on the top is a quick brush stroke from left to right. The pattern on the bottom is made my dabbing the paintbrush onto the paper.

Tool 2 – Paint roller: roll your paint roller into the watercolor paint only a few times, not to completely soak it in paint, and just make quick lines onto the paper. As the roller gets more dry, the lines will become diverse and interesting!

Tool 3 – Tooth brush: my favorite & so so fun for kids! Dab the brush into the paint and make short or long lines.

Tool 4 – Spray bottle: fill the bottle with watercolor paint and water and simply spray onto the paper. Kids love this! If you want to create some interesting lines like the one on the bottom, simply put another piece of paper on top of the area you like blank.

While you are at it, paint some extra sheets to stock up on home made wrapping paper!

DIY Wrapping Paper | Oh Happy Day!


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