Oct 7

Yarn Spiderwebs DIY

By Kathleen Ballos

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? I always seem to have trouble finding outdoor decorations to accompany my jack-o-lanterns. Try your hand at these graphic spiderwebs! Made of yarn and tulle, they cling to almost any bush or leafy surface and make a real impact! If you don’t have any suitable bushes, try hanging them on hooked suction cups in your window.

Yarn Spiderwebs | Oh Happy Day!Yarn Spiderwebs | Oh Happy Day!Yarn Spiderwebs | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for step by step instructions…

Materials: black tulle, white yarn, tape, scissors

Step 1: Use the tape to bind the end of your yarn – this will make weaving it through the holes in the tulle much easier.
Step 2: Cut your tulle to the desired size. The biggest of the spiderwebs pictured was roughly a 24″ square.
Step 3: Start by threading the yarn through a hole in the corner of the tulle.
Step 4: Weave in and out of the tulle, making big stitches about 4″ long. When you reach the middle of the tulle, switch directions to make a triangle shape.
Step 5: Once you hit the edge of the tulle, tie the yarn in a knot back on itself and trim the excess. Do the same with the other end of the yarn.
Step 6: Continue to make triangles in the tulle, retaping the end of the yarn as necessary. Don’t worry about keeping all the angles equal.
Step 7: To create the innermost circle, thread the yarn through a hole right next to a yarn triangle you just made.
Step 8: Similar to before, weave in and out of the tulle to create the circle. Be sure to create a small loop around each intersection to lock everything into place.
Step 9: Once the inner yarn meets the start of the circle, tie a knot and cut off excess yarn.
Step 10: Repeat this process for the next circle.
Step 11: Repeat for the outermost circle.

Yarn Spiderweb | Oh Happy Day!Yarn Spiderweb | Oh Happy Day!Yarn Spiderwebs | Oh Happy Day!


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