Oct 1

Apple Pie Topper DIY

by Kathleen Ballos

With autumn now in full swing, apple pie season has arrived with it. Make these simple apple pom pom toppers to add a pop of color to your pie! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and plan on having several different types of pie, wouldn’t this be a fun way to let your guests know which is which? Until then I might have to use these toppers as an excuse to go apple picking with some friends and return home to bake a fresh apple pie together!

Apple Pie Topper | Oh Happy Day!Apple Pie Topper | Oh Happy Day!Apple Pie Topper | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for step by step instructions…

 Materials: red yarn, green felt, green pipe cleaners, wooden skewers, pom pom makers, scissors, glue gun.

Step 1: Using the red yarn and your pom pom makers, make several pom poms in various sizes.
Step 2: Once you cut your pom poms off the makers, trim the sides to make them more round.
Step 3: Cut small leaf shapes out of felt.
Step 4: Cut pipe cleaner stems, each about 1 1/2″ long.
Step 5: Use hot glue to attach the pipe cleaner to the pom pom (try to place the pipe cleaner slightly into the depth of the pom pom so that the hot glue is hidden) and then glue the leaf onto the pipe cleaner. Trim the pipe cleaner to desired length.
Step 6: Hot glue the wooden skewer to the pom pom – be sure to attach the skewer deep into the pom pom so that it is as stable as possible.
Step 7: Go back and trim the edges of the pom pom again, evening out any scrappy bits and making it more apple-shaped than perfectly round.

Apple Pie Topper | Oh Happy Day!Apple Pie Topper | Oh Happy Day!


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