Sep 30

Tiny New Car!

If you follow my instagram they you may have seen I bought a new car! I have wanted to buy a vintage FIAT 500 for several years (see here here, and here.) A few weeks ago I found one for an extremely good deal on Ebay and usually when I find one I like they are across the country, so when I saw it was nearby it was pretty tempting. There was a steep curve learning to drive it but I think we have it down now. We had to learn a few things like the radio doesn’t turn off when you turn off the car. You have to manually turn it off so I was draining the battery without knowing it! It wouldn’t start and I couldn’t figure out why. Ha! Also, when I drive it I have to “double clutch” it. It took a minute to adjust to but now I drive it like a champ. We had seatbelts installed in the back (it’s so funny to think they didn’t even have seatbelts) so now we’ve been going on little joyrides around the city with the family. It is super fun to drive and everyone waves to you and yells “I like your car!” It is really easy to find parking so it has been the perfect car to zip around the neighborhood in.

Fiat 500 / Oh Happy Day!Fiat-500BFiat 500 Oh Happy Day

p.s.: I’m obsessed with this dress I got from Madewell. It’s the perfect dress. I like that it will transition to the cold weather nicely with a pair of tights (Holiday Parties!)


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