Sep 24

Clay Wishbone DIY

by Kathleen Ballos

Growing up, whenever there was a wishbone around my siblings and I always bickered over whose turn it was to break it and make a wish. If only we had made these clay wishbones back then! Simply sculpt air dry clay into wishbone shapes and you’ve got handfuls of potential wishes! A playful treat for after dinner, wouldn’t they be a fun way to decorate your table this autumn?

Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: Air dry clay, wax paper, paint, paintbrush, scissors, card stock, pen

Step 1: Grab a small piece of air dry clay. Using your hands start working the clay into a snake.
Step 2: Gently roll the clay snake on the wax paper to make it thinner.
Step 3: Don’t worry if it seems too long – you can pinch off the excess later and use it for the next wishbone.
Step 4: Gently form the snake into a U shape. Smooth any small cracks with your fingers, using a tiny amount of water if necessary.
Step 5: Pinch the base of the U together and flatten. Make sure both sides of the U are equal length and lightly pinch these ends as well, flattening them slightly.
Step 6: Carefully lift the end of the wishbone and rest it on a pen to create the curve. Let dry on wax paper.
Step 7: Repeat! It doesn’t hurt to make a few extra just in case any break in the process.
Step 8: Once completely dry, paint the wishbones.
Step 9: Let dry.
Step 10: Cut a narrow, wavy strip of card stock.
Step 11: Write names for the place settings and trim the card stock accordingly.Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!Clay Wishbone DIY | Oh Happy Day!


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