Aug 22

Our New Studio: Inspiration

We have made a lot of progress on our new offices. We had all the walls painted white so we would have a blank canvas to work with. I’m still not sure what to do with the flooring but I think that will be one of the things we take care of a few months from now once we are settled. The utilities are all set up and the wifi will be installed on Friday! I felt like such an adult setting up my own garbage account. I’ve been thinking about the design of the whole thing and I’ve been inspired by bright happy colors and big graphic text. Here are some of the inspiration boards I’m using. The new space has an upstairs and a downstairs. Our offices and crafting space will be on the bottom floor and the event space and photo studio will be on the top.


-I love this brassy Sputink light fixture. I’ll probably try to find a vintage (cheaper) version.
-I’m so excited we’ll have a place for all of our fun office supplies I’ve been collecting. Love these pencils.
-We just picked up these mint green file cabinets from CB2. Maybe it will make the paperwork more fun?
-We use a lot of really fun materials (our crepe paper collection is really impressive) so I’ve been thinking about ways to display that kind of thing out in the open instead of tucking it in a cupboard.
-I’m on the hunt for the perfect coral pink velvet. It is so hard to find! I found one source that was the right color but it was $50/ yard and I need something more affordable. Do you guys have any ideas?
-I want to work on some custom signage around the space with a sign painter. I love Caitlyn Galloway’s work.
-I’ve been crushing hard on a quirky custom neon sign like this one from Kelly Mark. I’m so excited!



Since the upstairs will be dual purpose we need to be able to go from photoshoot to event space quickly I knew we would have some limitations. After thinking about it I thought we needed folding tables and stacking chairs that we could tuck away when we were done with events.

-I keep coming back to this graphic wall from this Australian wedding. So brilliant!
-I need simple stools that stack, love these from Artek.
-There is a major hole in the market for attractive folding tables. These are the only ones I could find that didn’t look like they would be at a yard sale.


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