Aug 29

Back To School Ideas

Both of my kids are officially back in school this week, here are a few kid-friendly ideas for the fall season. Paul usually draws little notes for our kids lunches everyday. Do you do anything special for Back-to-School?

Back to School Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

1. Printed Paper Bags as a twist on the traditional lunch pail.
2. Kids’ Plates & Veggie Boats for after-school snacks.
3. Fruit Stickers as a fun lunch surprise.


  • maggie says:

    I am (something of) an adult and I like these ideas for me. Cute, as always.

  • Casandra says:

    Awww I love those printed paper bags and the stickers are such a cute way to surprise people… not only kids, I think. Lovely :3

  • tiffany says:

    that printed paper bag just sparked a whole lot of different ideas in my head! it has begun…

  • Lorna says:

    I love that these back to school ideas are all fruit / veggie orientated, not to mention downright adorabubble! :)

  • I love the bags and stickers! I’m so excited to make these, they are too cute!

  • meg says:

    I love the idea of making not so yummy food into artwork so kids will eat it. :)

  • Lindsay says:

    I showed those awesome plates to my son and asked, “Would you eat your veggies if I put them on a plate like that?” He replied with a simple, “No,” and went back to playing with his trains. (Sigh.) I’d eat more veggies if I had plates like those!

  • Gina says:

    I always make a little poster celebrating the first day of school. This year’s theme: minions! Can’t resist!

  • Carrie says:

    I think we need a couple of examples of Paul’s lunchbox art. Maybe on Instagram? That sounds super cool.

    I got a little booklet of tear-out lunchbox jokes from Pottery Barn Kids a few years back and they have been really fun to add to my 8 year old’s lunch.

  • I’m not loving the stickers – I’d just rather not have stuff like that I need to peel off my fruit before I can eat it, so I wouldn’t want to put that on others either. But I love the rest of these ideas, especially the veggie boats! I’m seriously thinking of doing that right now just for fun.

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