Jul 15

Mini Paper Fan Printables

By Amy Moss

Inspired by summer, I’ve designed these Mini Paper Fan printables that you can use for a variety of party projects like:

  • Gift packaging or party favor bags.
  • Decorations or name cards for table place-settings. (They would be perfect for a garden party!)
  • Wedding escort cards.
  • Summer or spring party/wedding favors.
  • Party or wedding decorations.
  • A paper fan garland.

I’ve designed two sets of fans: patterned and ombré. Feel free to mix and match or stick to just the one color, depending on your party styling needs.

Mini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan PrintablesMini Paper Fan Printables

Click through for instructions…


Materials: Color printer, Good quality white card stock (I’ve used 216 gsm white card), Ruler, Cutting board, X-acto knife, Scissors, Circle hole punch (Preferably 1/16″), Craft brads (paper fasteners) -Make sure you get a size that will fit through the hole you’ve punched.

Step 1: Download the PDF at the bottom of this post and print out. Note: Do not use Mac Preview to view or print the PDF, as colours may come out completely wrong. Use Adobe Reader instead.

Step 2: Cut out the fan segments using your ruler, cutting board and x-acto knife. I’ve personally found it easier to use scissors for the rounded edges. Punch a hole in the same place at the bottom of each fan segment. If your card is not too thick, the easiest way to do this is to pile all the segments on top of one another and punch them all in one go.

Step 3: Slip a brad through the holes and fasten.

Step 4: Rotate you fan segments into place.

Step 5: If your project requires a tag or ornament, you can hang this off the back of the brad.

Mini Paper Fan Printables


You need not be limited to my designs, use the print-outs as a template and trace onto any specialty patterned paper that you like!

I hope you enjoy these Mini Fans. Let me know if you come up with any other great ideas for how to use them! xo Amy


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