Jun 27

Watermelon Pinata DIY

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been eating a lot of watermelon around our house lately. It’s such a huge part of our summer, so I couldn’t resist making one in pinata form. This one turned out so pretty, I don’t think I could break it! Instead, I’ll be using it as decoration for our next party (or maybe even for the 4th of July!) It would also be really cute paired with a few other summer treat pinatas, like Ice Cream Cones or Popsicles!

Click through for instructions.

Materials: Crepe Paper, Cardboard, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Pencil, X-Acto Knife, Quick Dry Glue

Step 1: Gather two pieces of cardboard of equal size and draw the shape of a watermelon slice on each.
Step 2: Cut out the shapes.
Step 3: Cut several 6″ wide strips of cardboard to make the sides of the watermelon slice.
Step 4: Fold the cardboard incrementally to allow it to bend along the curved bottom of the watermelon slice.
Step 5: Tape the folded strips of cardboard to one watermelon slice shape to create the walls.
Step 6: Tape the second watermelon slice shape to the top of the walls.
Step 7: Cut the crepe paper into 3/4″ strips.
Step 8: Cut the fringe out of crepe paper.
Step 9: Glue the fringe to the watermelon slice – Start at the bottom and work upwards.  We used three colors of fringe: green and yellow for the rind, pink for the melon.
Step 10: Pay special attention to the last row of fringe. The secret to a nice looking piñata is all in how you apply the last row. Glue this row over the edge so that it is on the top and front surfaces.
Step 11: Cut seed shapes from black crepe paper and glue onto your piñata.
Step 12: Fill with treats and enjoy!

Photography by Kim A. Thomas for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Styling by Irene Yu
Crafting by Caitlin Barker and Stephanie Pressler


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