May 3

Epic Playdate

Last weekend we went to Santa Barbara to participate in a big Hyundai Epic Playdate Event with a bunch of other bloggers: Oh JoyDooceMighty GirlYes to Hoboken, Girls Gone Child, and How to be a Dad. It was AWESOME. I am totally stealing a lot of these ideas for future activities. What I liked about them is it was all about participating. You didn’t watch stuff happen, you got to do it yourself. The kids went from one activity to the next and were so happy. Moses kept saying to me, “This is the best day ever!”  There was giant beachball volleyball, balloon sculptures, interactive sand art installation. One of my favorite activities is when they gave us a bunch of tin foil and made tin foil warrior costumes for a giant whipped cream battle. The kids loooooooved it. They also had paper rockets where you make a rocket out of paper and masking tape and then shot them off see here. I hosted a giant bubble activity where everyone made giant bubbles with hula hoops. It was really really amazing. The best part was the end of the day when we walked down to the beach and saw these amazing tents we were going to sleep in overlooking the ocean. They had real beds in them! Everyone gathered around the campfire and they brought in Brett Dennen to play some music. I sat there next to the fire and listened to music while Moses played night games nearby and Roman snuggled in my lap until he fell asleep. Definitely an Epic Playdate. Thank you to the team at FM and Hyundai for such a special day. It was perfect.

Photos by David Crowther for Hyundai

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai.


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