May 30

Donut Hole Croquembouche DIY

For the donut party we wanted to make a croquembouche inspired donut hole tower. It was so easy! (ps: This croquembouche is the most beautiful I’ve seen and has been on my mind.)  We attached donut holes with toothpicks to a cone. Then we made a few flowers out of crepe paper and wax paper to attach as decorations. The final product was the perfect centerpiece to our Fancy Donut Party. We even celebrated the festivities with a few sparklers! See full instructions below.

Materials: Wax Paper, Crepe Paper, Toothpicks, Quick Dry Glue, Scissors, Large Styrofoam Cone, 250 Donut Holes

Step 1: Cut out a small circle of crepe paper about 2 inches wide.
Step 2: Put a few lines of glue all over one side.
Step 3: Pull and crumple the paper up a bit and wrap the glue covered side around the top of a toothpick. Hold it as it dries and arrange the paper to look like flower’s center.
Step 4: Cut a larger circle out of the wax paper.  Cut fringe around the whole perimeter of this circle. Fold the circle very gently in half and cut a small opening in the very center.
Step 5: Poke the covered toothpick into the opening.
Step 6: Put some glue around the perimeter of the crepe-papered toothpick and then push up the middle part of the wax paper circle so that the wax paper portion is glued to the crepe paper portion.
Step 7: Hold the pieces together, fluffing and arranging the flower as it dries.
Step 8:  Poke a toothpick into the base of the styrofoam cone. Stick a donut hole into the opposite end of this toothpick. Continue this method all the way around the base of the cone making one even row.
Step 9: Make another row right above the first row. Be sure to stagger the donuts; don’t put a donut directly above the donut below it, but put the donut above the space that is between the two donuts below it.
Step 10: Continue on, adding flowers here and there until the entire cone is covered.
Step 11: Get some friends over to eat!

Photography by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Crafting and Styling by Jessica Heywood + Alison Piepmeyer


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