Apr 30

Sfgirlbybay’s San Francisco Guide + Party Sources

One of the most common emails I get is “What should I do when I am visiting San Francisco? My friend Victoria just came out with a new app that is the perfect solution: SFgirlbybay’s Bohemian Modern San Francisco. Victoria is the creative genius behind SF Girl By Bay and knows this city up and down. Her shopping picks are flawless, so her new app couldn’t be more perfect. In essence, it’s designed to point users toward her hand picked lists of “do not miss” shopping locations around San Francisco. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it will help you create a unique shopping experience that’s 100% San Francisco. The app came out this week, so make sure you check it out! You’ll find it in the app store under the name “SFgirlbybay’s Bohemian Modern San Francisco.”

I asked Victoria to share her three favorite San Francisco party sources and here are her picks:

1. I’d say Fantastico because their selection is so vast — from pinatas to pretty napkins, balloons and faux flowers.
2. I love the San Francisco Flower Mart for the freshest flowers. It’s so affordable and you can find unique branches and create your own mixed bouquets.
3. I love Nest for unique french glassware — I like to mix and match their handblown glasses.

first two photos from my Instagram and last photo by Victoria.


  • Meg says:

    I would LOVE to swing by the flower mart.
    I bet it smells and looks amazing!


  • I’d love to visit San Francisco one day – until then I’ll make do with what’s on offer here in London ;-)

  • Ana says:

    Love her app! a very cool idea. And I definitely need to visit Fantastico, this is the 4th time I’m hearing about them this week.

  • Sara says:

    I just was in San Francisco 2 weeks ago for the first time – it was amazing!!!! I loved it – will definitely have to make the trip back again some day. The weather was absolutely perfect when I was there – sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze. I’m from Canada and there was still a couple feet of snow in my home city when I left for SF so a week of sunshine was just what I needed after a very loooong winter. I managed to find my way around the city to quite a few little neat shops in North Beach, Clement Street, Fillmore Street and in the Outer Sunset district waaaay out on Judah. I definitely want to get back to SF one day so will hope to have a chance to use this app then! :)

  • What should we love to see in terms of other attractions?

  • Michelle H says:

    I’m always so excited when I see an SF based post! And this app sounds awesome. I actually have been referencing your Apartment posts the last couple days as we just found a new place in SF to rent and wanted your ideas on making the most of small space and limited storage. We are also changing neighborhoods so it was fun to read about your experience in the Mission. Now, I’m saving this post for our first party/house warming/husbands 30th birthday party. I am thinking open house is the way to go after reading about your last party.

  • thank you miss jordan! i hope you all enjoy the app!

  • Shannon says:

    An app?! How exciting! I will download it at once. I have also never heard of Fantastico but I am now dying to go there.

  • I lived in the San Francisco Bay area and miss it so much! I’ll be sure to download the app for my next visit and to keep up to date on my favorite city! Thanks for sharing this..BTW, I love your website!

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