Apr 17

Hand Painted Flower Tree DIY

They used to have this giant paper tree at my favorite store Tail of the Yak as one of their store displays (they’ve since changed it) but I love the idea of making a paper flower tree for a shower or party. It fits perfect for spring. We made one and I loved it so much I’ve kept it on my desk. It would be cute to go with these: Painted Paper Flower Hats for a bridal or baby shower or a really fun birthday party. (ps: Screensaver is from Door 16.)

Click through for more photos and instructions.

Materials: Scissors, Thin Wire, White Cardstock, Crepe Paper, Paint, Paint Brush, Branches

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of crepe paper and a two 12 inch pieces of wire.
Step 2: Crumble one of the crepe paper pieces into a ball and cover the piece of the wire so that the ball folds over the wire.
Step 3: Fold the other piece of crepe paper over the ball and squeeze around the bottom of the ball.
Step 4: Cut petals out of crepe paper.
Step 5: Begin placing petals around the ball base of the flower and wrap with the second piece of wire to secure in place.  Continue until you are satisfied with the look of the petals and have finished the length of the wire.
Step 6: Cut out the shape of your flower base on cardstock.
Step 7: Paint if desired.
Step 8: Cut a small hole in the center of the flower base and pass the wire though.
Step 9: Using the wire, secure the flower to the branches.

Photography by  Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day (Desk and instruction photos by Aubrey Trinnaman)
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Coordinated by Stacy Wichelhaus
Styling by Caitlin Barker
Crafting by Jessica Heywood
Assisted by Harper Casimiro


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