Apr 22

Ice Cream Cone Pinatas DIY

Summer’s just around the corner. And these pinatas are perfect for a summertime party. They can be used as decorations, fill them with gifts and give to each person or you could fill them with candy for some traditional fun. We made them with balloons, paper mache, and my favorite crepe paper fringe. Try pairing them with my favorite Ice Cream Cone Garland for a fully themed event!

Click through for instructions and more photos!

Materials: 5-Inch Balloons, Flour, Water, Mixing Bowl, Newspaper, Construction Paper, Cone Template, Tacky Glue, Scissors, Crepe Paper

Step 1: Make the paper mache mixture (50% water & 50% flour) and cover your inflated balloons. Hang to dry overnight. (Add another layer if necessary.)
Step 2: Pop the balloons and carefully cut off the bottom quarter of the paper mache balloon.
Step 3: Download the cone template. Trace the template, then cut it out. Fold along the marked lines.
Step 4: Add a strip of glue to the side flap and attach it to the other side to form a cone shape.
Step 5: Add glue to the flaps on the top of the cone and attach it to the cut side of the paper mache balloon.
Step 6: Cover the cone with paper mache and hang to dry overnight.
Step 7: One dry, cover the whole cone with crepe paper fringe. (Work your way from the bottom up.)
Step 8: Top with fringe sprinkles, fill with goodies, and enjoy!

Photography by  Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Produced by Stacy Wichelhaus
Crafting and styling by Caitlin Barker


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