Mar 28

Easter Clothes for Kids

One of my favorite parts about Easter Sunday is seeing all the littles dressed up in their adorable Easter outfits. Those miniature suit jackets and fancy dresses are enough to make my heart melt! I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I can’t wait for the day when I can spoil them with new clothes on Easter. I’m pretty sure their outfits will look something like this…

Girls: 1. Cross My Heart Bobbi 2. Candy Anchor Dress 3. Leather Ballerina Flats 4. Jean Jacket 13. Kirstie Dot Denim Shirt 14. Super Skinny Colored Dot Skimmer Jeans 15. Leather Sandals

Boys: 5. Ludlow Suit Jacket 6. Everyday Shirt 7. Turquoise Straight Jeans 8. Combination Docksiders 9. Aviator Sunglasses 10. Striped T-Shirt 11. Chino Style Bermadas with Belt 12. Kids Converse Jack Purcell Low-Tops


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